About Us

About Us

Agro -a product you get when you cultivate plants or animals to sustain or enhance human life…..

Food - a substance consumed to provide nutritional support

Tastemart- a mart that cater to the demands of the public by providing healthy, fresh and exotic produce direct from the farm to the doorsteps of the user


We Indians have started to acknowledge the fact that health is wealth and so the food items procured should be not only fresh but also chemical-free, hormone- free and if possible antibiotic free.


The agro products are one of the best products anyone can use. Not only foods, but there are many other agro products that are being used by people around the world.


As for fish, the fruit of the sea or freshwater lake, we rush it to your door as soon as they land on shore.


Meat that is sold soon after slaughter is considered fresh meat. Your safety is always on the top of our minds. From procurement to delivery, we keep our meat chilled at a temperature range between 0⁰-4⁰ Celsius. Thus, bacteria are kept out of the door and the meat is safe to consume. Also, the meat’s deterioration minimal till it reaches your stove. This is what we mean by fresh meat (not frozen).


Tastemart is an online shopping Mall where you can own freshness of product to the core. Quality being the Mantra of Tastemart, we take utmost care in sourcing of the necessities of our customer. Delicacies of our customer are provided direct from the farm and in minimum time, so as to retain its freshness when it reaches the doorstep of our valued customer


Tastemartproducts are the freshest, most hygienic and tender among the options available in market. The fish, meat, vegetables and fruits available at other avenues doesn’t qualify even the bare minimum hygiene and safety standards due to how it is sourced, handled, processed or packed.


Driven by the motto of providing the best to the consumers, our products are selected processed and packed with utmost care by a team of highly qualified experts. In addition, we don’t charge for any surrogate wastage. You enjoy a far better value for money at Tastemart than anywhere else.

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